Consultation for handing the company over to a new generation

In every family-owned business, there comes a time when the next generation must take the proverbial helm. But when is the best time for that? And what if the younger generation wants to do something different and is not interested in managing the company?

What is important?

For a successful handover of a company, it is important to clearly define its goals and values. The original owners need assurance that the company they have sacrificed so much for will continue to prosper, and the new generation must understand the values that underpin the company’s success. At the same time, they need sufficient freedom of decision.

It is also necessary to think ahead. The emerging generation must be gradually integrated into the company’s structures, because, for example, sudden health-related issues may necessitate an accelerated handover of the managerial duties.

How can we help

We can help you with all of the above. We have experienced a generational exchange in a family business at first hand and we have explored all of the pitfalls of this process ourselves. We will gladly put our own experience at your service. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership and management responsibilities, not only to the satisfaction of both parties involved, but also with the best results for the company itself and its employees.

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