Creating a strategic development plan

It is not uncommon that each generation or even every co-owner has a different idea of the proper functioning of the company.

Another common situation is that the new generation takes over the management of the company and feels the need to modernise the management or production processes and adapt them to new trends. However, such a fundamental restructuring can hardly be done on your own.

How can we help

We are ready to design an independent, short-term and long-term strategic development plan and submit it for review to all of the co-owners from both the original and emerging generations. We can also help you with a situation where the existing co-owners disagree on the future strategy of the company and the functioning of the company. After many years of cooperation, some of the co-owners may be subject to burn-out, causing them to lose their motivation to develop the company further, so that it is necessary to clarify its direction and the roles and responsibilities of the individual partners.

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