Preparing the company for sale to a new owner

If family members do not want to continue developing their business, they may decide to sell it to another entity, such as a foreign concern. However, such a sale may not be as easy as it sounds, so good preparation is of paramount importance.

What you can expect

A family business is managed differently than a multinational concern, which, upon handover, expects a clearly defined structure and processes. The planned sale may therefore be abandoned simply because the company is not ready for the sale, despite good financial results, a quality product, qualified staff and a respected market position.

How can we help

No matter how small or large your company is and how it has been managed, we are able to identify weaknesses accurately and redesign the necessary processes so that it is not a problem to integrate your business into a larger business.

An advantage of that is that following such adjustments, the overall performance of the company can rise significantly, resulting in a similar increase in the sale price. A sensitive optimisation which improves the company’s performance can also be realised during the sale process.

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